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30 Jan

Finance Restructure

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Kim Seifert

KDK Financial can help with Finance Restructure of your Vehicle/Trailer/RV/Boat. They help you keep your assets and drop your payments, and remove co-signers. They can also help with Auto/Trailer/RV/Boat acquisitions. They can help with Credit Rebuild and also offer Cash-back options well consolidating debt. Finally they can also do lease buyouts.

1. They’ve helped clients gain cash for their down payment of their forever home.
2. They’ve helped clients payout high interest credit card/line of credit debt. Cashflow.
3. They’ve helped clients cut their existing vehicle payments in HALF. Cashflow.
4. They’ve helped clients rebuild their credit.
5. They’ve helped clients purchase a new RV/Boat/Car/Truck.
6. They’ve helped clients remove a co-signer from a loan.
7. They’ve helped clients obtain lump sum cash payments for some of life’s more expensive roadblocks.

Below Are the Finance Restructure Program Features:

1. No client fees.
2. KDK doesn’t charge taxes – dealerships must charge taxes to perform our service.
3. Multiple Lenders – KDK has over 22 lenders that bid for the contract = better chance at approval/better terms
4. KDK is Nationwide – most other companies are region specific.
5. KDK Customer Service – KDK is the only 5-star Google rated auto-brokerage in Canada.
6. KDK has an Interactive Portal – the only company in Canada with a user-friendly portal that allows the broker to easily submit leads and follow the progress.
7. Our Approval Ratio – Over 20 years of dealer financing experience. Kevin, who heads our underwriting, formerly worked for Canada’s largest Auto Group as Director of Finance. He has relationships with lending institutions that allow KDK to get deals approved where others can’t.
8. KDK Speed to Having the File Approved – Average file is 24-48 hours from start to fund finish.
9. KDK rates and terms – We get dealer rates, so the lowest in the industry and we can also get much longer terms and have income waived approvals.
10. Our rates and terms vs bank branches – 2-3% lower than bank branches off and twice the amortization.

Automotive Lending parameters as of January 1, 2023:

Advances: KDK can get as high as 180% advance of the assets value — (on excellent A+ credit we can get up to 180%)
Amortization: 2020 and newer — up to 96 months *OAC 2017- 2019 up to 84 months 2016 up to 72 months 2014 – 2015 – B Lending – Contact KDK for details.

Coles Notes On What Makes KDK Financial Different:

• No charge for services (some companies charge up to $1,499).
• Customer Service/Consumer confidence (Fast responding to inquiries).
• Over 20 years working in the automotive finance industry.
• Broker Control (Everything is run by the Mortgage Broker in depth before processing the final contract with a mutual client).
• Speed – Time kills deals. We pride ourselves on a 24-48 turnaround and have done files within 2 hours.

Contact me for to Learn More.